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What happens if it rains or there's inclimate weather?

Backyard Cinemas offers a Weather Delay Policy. We are here to help with rescheduling your event for a different day or time. The deposit paid to secure dates will be credited toward the next reservation. 

 *Reservation days subject to availability*

Does it need to be dark?

Not with us! We offer different outdoor set ups and inflatable rooms that allow for early or midday screen rentals!

How many people does the concession stand serve?

Our main packages accommodate up to 10 people. We are here to help for additional people and larger events.

Where will the drive-ins be?

We have several different locations that we will host our Pop-Up Drive-In’s throughout the Uptate. See the events page for upcoming opportunities near you!

***Feel free to give us a shout if you have an open space that would be perfect for a Drive-In opportunity!***

If coming with a group, can we park together?

We would love for you to enjoy the Movie Magic with your friends! Arrival time does play a huge factor in this though.

Who needs a license?

We are happy to help any organization plan their outdoor event. Usually, showing media in any location other than your backyard will require a license. Obtaining a public performance license is a fairly simple process. Although Backyard Cinemas cannot purchase the license for you, we can direct you to the proper licensing entities. or 

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